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The farmOS development Docker image comes pre-installed with XDebug 3, which allows debugger connections on port 9003.

In order to connect to it, the XDEBUG_CONFIG environment variable must be used to configure XDebug's client_host setting with the Docker container's "Gateway" IP address.

With the containers running, this command will print the gateway IP:

docker inspect farmos_www_1 | grep -o '"Gateway": ".*\..*\..*\..*"'

Edit docker-compose.yml and enter the gateway IP in the XDEBUG_CONFIG environment variable. For example:

  XDEBUG_MODE: debug
  XDEBUG_CONFIG: client_host=

Restart the Docker containers for this change to take affect.

docker-compose restart

Note: If the Docker containers are removed and recreated, the IP address may change, and you will need to repeat these steps to reconfigure it.


If you are using the PHPStorm IDE, with the configuration above in place, enable the "Start listening for PHP Debug Connections" option. Add a breakpoint in your code, load the page in your browser, and you should see a prompt appear in PHPStorm that will begin the debugging session and pause execution at your breakpoint.

Drush + PHPStorm

Debugging code that is run via Drush commands requires additional configuration. Add an XDEBUG_SESSION environment variable with a value of PHPSTORM, and a PHP_IDE_CONFIG environment variable with a value of serverName=localhost, as follows:

  XDEBUG_MODE: debug
  XDEBUG_CONFIG: client_host=
  PHP_IDE_CONFIG: serverName=localhost

Run a drush command and a prompt should appear in PHPStorm. You will need to map the path to Drush (vendor/drush) in the PHPStorm debugger config. Then you can set breakpoints in the Drush code you want to test.