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The farmOS development Docker image comes pre-installed with Composer, which is used for dependency management.

Running Composer in Docker

In order to run the composer command, you must use docker exec to run the command inside the farmOS container.

docker exec -it -u www-data farmos_www_1 composer

For example, the following will run the composer help command:

docker exec -it -u www-data farmos_www_1 composer help'

Warning: If composer update farmos/farmos is run, it will replace the Git repository in web/profiles/farm, discarding all changes/branches/remotes/etc.

Common tasks

Some common Composer tasks are documented here.

Adding a module

composer require drupal/[module]

This will download the module into the web/modules/contrib directory, and add it to the root composer.json file.

If the module is being added to the farmOS installation profile itself, you need to manually move the require line from the root composer.json to web/profiles/farm/composer.json and commit it to that repository.

To install the module, use Drush.


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